New lighting at the elementary and junior high schools and parking improvements were discussed among other issues during last Wednesday's regular meeting of the Auburn School Board. The 45 minute meeting was conducted in person and via Zoom.

Superintendent Darren Root said the lights in the junior high and elementary school are being replaced this summer. Last year, lights at the middle and high school were replaced and a rebate program was utilized which saved the district a considerable amount on the cost. The program is available again this year.

At the junior high, the light replacement cost is $12,900. However, the cost would have been $53,186 if not for the rebate. New lights will also xsave $8,572 annually on the electric bill. The cost of the lighting in the elementary school came to $8,900, ($40,401 without the rebate) and will save the district $5,304 annually on the electric bill.

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