Zoning issues and police department personnel actions topped the agenda for the June 15 regular meeting of the Auburn city council. Though some aldermen chose to participate by Zoom, the meeting was held in the council chambers and was open to the public for the first time since mid-March.

The council, after a 30 minute discussion, voted 7-1 (Garrett no) to approve a zoning variance for a property at 930 West Monroe owned by Calvin Harden. The action allowed a reduction in the setback requirement to 16 feet to allow Harden to install a six-foot privacy fence along the west side of his property.

Alderman Jason Garrett had spoken with Jeff Kaufman, son of Eugene Kaufman, who owns the adjacent property. The Kaufmans had issues with the proposal due to safety concerns, citing a lack of visibility when backing out of their driveway, and asked for the variance to be changed to 18 feet.

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