During a lengthy city council meeting Monday, Auburn Mayor Tom Berola said the city needs to formalize the way it handles the bidding process for contracts for city work. The initiative was tabled for more discussion during the administration committee meeting Wednesday, June 26 at 7 p.m. The vote to table the issue was (5-3) with aldermen Rod Johnson, Bill Karhliker and Tracy Sheppard voting, “no.” Voting “yes” were aldermen Lori Basiewicz, Jason Garrett, Ben Royer, Larry Hemmerle and Joe Powell.

Some council members felt that the procedure now in place was sufficient while others felt it would be better if the process were codified since it would take all the questions out of it. Johnson said, “If you get a new group, they would need to know what to do.”

Three city surplus vehicles were recently sold for the city by Ben Ladage Auctions. The white Humvee was sold for $10,000, the camel Humvee $7,500 and the Impala for $1,500. Ladage did not charge the city a commission aside from $250 for expenses. Alderman Jason Garrett said it was an “awesome, innovative idea” on alderman Joe Powell's part to have Ladage conduct the auction as it netted the city $18,750.

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