The Ball-Chatham Board of Education held its regular meeting for July last Thursday at the District Office.

The board had just enough members for a quorum, with Bill Brewer, Steven Bryant and Dr. Srinivasan Durairaj absent. Board vice president Susan Worley ran the meeting.

•The board approved the adoption of a new ‘Glenwood Titan brand image,’ or logo. The ‘Block G’ with outline is now the new primary logo.

A committee, led by Director of Athletics Dusty Burk, has been working on this issue for over two years.

“From the logo and brand committee’s perspective, we’re excited to get to this point,” Burk stated. “It’s been a long time coming. We’ve been at this for over two years now. When we started, we weren’t the first committee to make an attempt to try and really unify the brand and logo.”

The block G can be modified to appear with or without an outline. Titan Red and White are the official colors, and black and gray can be used as secondary accent colors.

The block G can be used against red, white, black or gray backgrounds, and also with different text, such as ‘Titans’ or ‘Glenwood’ or ‘GMS Titans.’ An official branding guide was also approved and lists all of the different acceptable variations of the new logo.

Current secondary logos (such as the lightning bolt image) will be allowed to continue, but their images cannot overlap the block G. Any new secondary logos would need committee approval.

Also, the previous board approved logo (T with Glenwood across it) and the ‘GT’ logo will be phased out over time. As things with these logos need replaced, the block G will be used.

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