Elaine Mirek

Elaine (Halko) Mirek, 92, of Chatham, passed away Friday, August 30, 2019.

She was born April 10, 1927 to parents who moved to the United States from Slovakia. She lived in Chicago and was eighth in a family of 10 children. 

Her mother, Paulina, passed when Elaine was only 16 years old. Paulina’s death had tremendous impact on the children, causing them to split into multiple families where older, married siblings had to take in the younger ones. Elaine had to drop out of Wells High School in 1945 and earning her GED later in life was a great source of pride for her. Elaine met and married Stanley Paul Mirek, in 1942. 

She went on to be part of the team that launched the Leaning Tower Inn at the YMCA in Niles. As resident manager of 200 rooms, she led the front desk and hospitality staff. Where she really found her career fit and joy was in residential real estate. Elaine joined Wildwood Realty in the 1970s and excelled from the start. She regularly earned her place in the Million Dollar Sales Club – which meant selling over a million dollars in real estate annually – when homes were $20,000.

Surviving are her three children; son, Mark (wife Diana) Mirek; two daughters, Melanie (husband, Carl) Ostermeier and  Mindy (husband, Brian) Bortness; 14 grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren.

In memory of Elaine, her family asks that you visit with an elderly person; play a game, put together a puzzle, run an errand for them… just make them feel special.