Thoughts for all to ponder while I cannot wait for the heat and humidity of this weekend to show up…

• I was not the least bit surprised with the Albert Pujols lovefest this weekend in St. Louis. Time apparently healed a lot of wounds, because I am not sure even any current Cardinal (besides Yadi) would get that kind of reaction if they left and then came back. While I think the ovations were fine (I would have joined in every one of them), I think Danny Mac could have dialed back the lovefest a bit in the booth.

Yadi was the ringleader for the ovations, refusing to return to the plate until he felt the ovation was sufficient; one could tell that Albert was ready for many of them to finish so he could focus on that particular at-bat.

Yes, I loved it that Albert hit a homer and got a curtain call, though if that dinger had put the Angels ahead, I would have been less enthused. Cardinal fans got what they wanted Saturday: a win AND an Albert homer.

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