• The Illinois men’s basketball team finished the gauntlet known as the Big 14 Conference Sunday with a scintillating overtime win over THE Ohio State University. After gutting out a win against Will Peters’ Iowa Hawkeyes Saturday, the Illini blew a 17-point lead before finally pulling out a win Sunday. As the other columnist has railed about for years, the game did not finish in time to change the seedings, though this year, it would not have mattered. Not that I wanted another overtime, but it would have been funny because you KNOW CBS was getting antsy to start the bracket show (not so much though that we were not subjected to multiple commercials before it actually started).

As the brackets were unveiled, I thought that Illinois’ bracket was pretty tough, though I think Houston is the weakest No. 2 seed. But the committee made up for it with West Virginia as a 3 (with Brad Underwood’s mentor Bob Huggins) and then maybe the worst seeding decision of them all, Oklahoma State (Underwood’s former team) as the 4, not to mention Loyola Chicago as an 8. I know every game should be tough come tournament time (though Illinois should cruise Friday against the Drexel Dragons), but after that, Illinois won’t be able to cruise.

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