Yes, gas prices are so high that it has myself and many others conscious of each trip behind the wheel, limiting them whenever possible. I’ve made several journeys lately, from East Peoria to Charleston to Decatur to Champaign, and probably two trips to Joliet this weekend to finish off the spring sports seasons. I mean, $60-plus to fill up a ‘matchbox’ car is beyond outrageous, and some of you aren’t laughing because it’s over $100 and then some for a lot of folks. And don’t get me started on the trips to the grocery store - it’s unfathomable how high the prices are on some items.

Inflation is real, and it’s a monster problem right now. Maybe two years of shutting down businesses, strict regulations regarding an airborne virus that is not going away, supply chain issues, multiple stimulus payments to citizens and billions in relief aid to states, schools and local municipalities has had some consequences? I’m just a ‘negative’ small-town columnist, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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