I'm so ready for spring I cannot control myself anymore, so enjoy the golf talk and baseball drama. Oh, and the Illini had a very disappointing run of four straight losses to good teams, but roared back with a vengeance Tuesday at No. 9 Penn State. Ayo is back, and Ayo is really good. In Ayo we trust, and now the Illini should have an NCAA Tournament bid all but cemented. Let's keep this momentum going, as the schedule is much more favorable the last couple weeks...

•Can somebody, anybody, tell the Houston Astros players that they aren't helping themselves, at all? I mean, it's only February, and some of these guys are already talking too much, getting way too defensive and the excuses are piling up. Memo to Jose Altuve - if you didn't wear a buzzer, then categorically deny it. If you cannot deny it, then you must be hiding something, right?

This story isn't going to go away, and you wonder what else will come out from this sign-stealing scandal. Was it even more elaborate than what we know now, or were other teams cheating too and we just don't know about it yet? And when I say cheating, I mean blatantly using modern technology, cameras, binoculars from center field, etc. to gain an advantage. Players on other teams are angry, and so are fans, so it's going to be one heck of a hostile season for Houston.

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