It's been an interesting week, to say the least. The next chapter in that book I'm never going to write certainly took a wild turn. Sorry to be cryptic, but why can't people mind their own business? Although in this case, karma won out, and it won out quickly. I'll move on!...

•The accolades keep coming in for the Illini, but I'm still not convinced this is a top five team. I mean, this team has a legitimate chance at a No. 1 seed; and that's an even bigger deal this year. It's fairly obvious to most observers that Gonzaga and Baylor have separated themselves from everyone else, and being able to make a Final Four run without having to play either one of those two teams is a big deal.

The Illini should have lost to Nebraska, and that effort against Northwestern was beyond frustrating, but when you have the best player in the country in Ayo Dosunmu, anything is possible. Ayo's great, and Kofi Cockburn is really taking his game to another level. The rest of the team? You guys gotta step up! This opportunity doesn't come around often. Illini fans will never forget 1989 and 2005. That's a 16 year gap, in case you didn't add correctly. And...2021 would be exactly 16 years forward again! I just figured that out; and it's kind of neat, right?

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