• The Blues have recovered from a pair of subpar games to even their first round series vs. Vancouver going into Game 5 Wednesday. If they had played Games 1 and 2 like they played Game 3, and especially Game 4, they might have swept the Canuckleheads.

One wonders if Jake Allen is now the man in goal; Jordan Binnington had a pretty good year, but had not been sharp in the bubble, and his defense was not exactly helpful either.

While the other columnist says “it’s over” multiple times after the frustrating Game 2 overtime loss, I might dare say that the Blues should win the series now, and I would not be the least bit surprised to see it end in six games.

There is a lot of bellyaching about the Blues’ late start times vs. the Canucks, but hello, people, Vancouver is on the WEST COAST! Even night owls like me would prefer an earlier start, though 9:45 is better than 2 or 4:30, especially since I am covering games in the afternoon. The NHL is trying to limit overlapping games, which is easier to do with two bubble sites, though an overtime game early in the day can wreak havoc with the schedule. I will even admit I was rooting for Ben Winn’s Chicago Blackhawks Sunday night against Vegas, but only to have them win in regulation and not have the game go to OT, which would have moved the Blues’ puck drop that much later.

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