Thoughts for all to ponder while I am already sick and tired of the progressive tax ads on both sides, and it is barely past Labor Day…

• The Cardinals had a good weekend against Timmer’s Cubs, though I wish they had pulled off Monday’s game (did not have high hopes going in, since Kyle Hendricks took the mound). Two more doubleheaders follow this week (with a split Tuesday against the Twins), and many more after that. They are winning games despite very little offense, including from the underperforming outfield, and while I respect Matt Carpenter’s contributions to the organization, it is time for him to see more pine time. The pitching staff has been carrying the team, and while the Cards don’t always need 5-6 runs to win, scoring that many a few more times a week would certainly make things easier!

• We lost two Hall of Famers in the past week, in “Tom Terrific” Seaver and the great Lou Brock. Seaver had announced early last year he was retiring from public life because of dementia, but it still sucked to hear he had passed. Alas, since apparently he had COVID in his body at his passing, his death was to be listed as COVID, which is complete crap.

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