• The Cardinals are still basically a .500 team, but in 2020, that might be good enough for them to make the playoffs. That does NOT mean they deserve to be there. At least they took four of five from Andy Becker’s Pirates over the weekend, and finishing with KC and Milwaukee gives them a decent chance to advance. The Cardinal pitching staff, as injury-plagued as it has been, can win a series or two, despite the putrid offense. The worst thing is, if they make the playoffs, John Mozeliak and company might not be inclined to make big changes. I realize 2020 is a messed up year, but the Redbirds CANNOT go into 2021 with the same outfield contingent.

• A story broke Friday night that talks apparently have broken off between Alex Pietrangelo and the Blues. Sure seems like Petro’s agents are leaking some info, since Blues GM Doug Armstrong is BEYOND NOTORIOUS for keeping this kind of stuff out of the media. Maybe I am naive, but Petro should be telling his agents to make a deal with the Blues IF he truly wants to stay. He might get more millions elsewhere, but in this depressed post-COVID time, not many teams will be able to swing his contract, except for crappy teams that have lots of cap space, and with lower taxes and cost of living in Missouri, the extra money from another team might not be really that much more.

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