Not much happened this past week, right? The Illini beat Iowa, Nolan Arenado is heading to St. Louis, Matthew Stafford is going to the Rams, Patrick Reed plays by his own set of rules and the Office of Executive Orders keeps churning out mandated legislation left and right. I mean, between the President and the Governor, what's the point of having a Congress or General Assembly?...

•So the Cardinals do want to improve? Who knew? An absolutely shocking trade with Colorado, with embattled team president John Mozeliak pulling off one of his patented, on-the-surface absurdly one-sided trades. Leverage is a huge thing, and with Arenado wanting out and the Rockies wanting to dump salary, a great player fell into the Cardinals' lap. And none of the top prospects we figured would have to be moved to pull this off are in the deal. 

Sprinkle in the returns of Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina, and the Cardinals are suddenly the favorites to win what appears to be a very mediocre and possibly bad NL Central. I mean, let's not get ahead of ourselves; the Cardinals still have a tremendously underwhelming outfield and the bench depth isn't great. There's a lot of pitching options, as we all knew, and the addition of Arenado just makes everything better, seemingly.

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