The Bears have made some moves (Nick Foles?) and they continue to stockpile ex-St. Louis Rams players, which in 2020 may not be such a good idea, since the Rams last played in St. Louis in 2015. In any event, I don't think writing about the NFL or other sports and ignoring what's going on right now is the way to fill up this space. As always, if you are easily offended, it's best to turn the page...

•Remember when a bunch of people freaked out two weeks ago and started hoarding essential supplies like eggs, bread, meat, sanitizer, toilet paper and disinfecting wipes? Yep, we're still dealing with the fallout now. It seems like every day, I'm on a hunt for eggs or sanitizer or wipes, and I had to leave the state to find toilet paper. That's not how this was supposed to work, and these stores are not going to close down. They can't. But, I'm glad some folks are stocked up for years on certain items, and better yet, I'm glad some other folks are trying to profit by selling these items on the black market. We have to be better than this, people. 

And yes, we should absolutely be taking what's going on very seriously. Whether you live in an area with very few positive coronavirus cases right now or not, it's way too soon to think we know where we are at or where this is headed. And the economic, social and mental impacts cannot be ignored, either. Family members are currently living in isolation, separated from other loved ones. It's a real thing, and it's necessary for safety right now.

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