Thoughts for all to ponder while I cannot wait to see the white stuff fall on HALLOWEEN!…

• Been a while since I have written six weeks in a row, but here I am once again. Hope all my 14 readers don’t recoil in shock LOL.

• The original reporting on the Blues’ Vladimir Tarasenko’s injury hinted at it not being super serious, but of course, on Monday, it was announced that Vladi will be having shoulder surgery (on the same one as a couple of years ago) and will be re-evaluated in five months. Even if he comes back in exactly five months, that is a couple of weeks before the end of the regular season.

When I heard the report Monday, I almost wondered if Vladi had been examined by the Cardinal team doctors, since that organization has been NOTORIOUS for downplaying the severity of injuries in years past. That being said, Vladi’s absence cannot be overstated, as he was the ONE Blues player who could light it up in short order and who HAD to be watched every second he stepped on the ice.

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