One thing you never thought you'd get tired of reading in this space (since it appears rather infrequently) is hockey. Well, it might be time to turn the page. The Blues are now the favorites to win the Stanley Cup (cue the jinx narrative - not my fault for pointing it out, sorry) by some oddsmakers, and I spent a few coins and got myself and one other member of this operation (the fellow columnist from Riverton) to Game 6 against Winnipeg last Saturday. It's a 'bucket list' item, a chance to go to a postseason hockey game and potential series clincher. It had to be done.

Sure, I've been in attendance at two NFC Championship NFL games, both wins, and it's difficult to top those experiences. This did not top that, for I was a diehard Rams fan and that was my passion going to those games. I'm an admitted bandwagon hockey fan, but an in-game hockey experience is always good. This one, though, was incredible. Not a seat to be had in the entire place, and very few visiting fans to try to ruin the experience. It was loud, it was electric and the game flow kept sustained momentum in the crowd throughout.

Being a pretty nice day outside and with a Cardinals game ending at 4 p.m. downtown, the entire area was buzzing, obviously. The fan experience inside the building was very good, though as usual the prices of beer and concessions are beyond absurd. And I knew I was sitting in tall cotton when Kolten Wong (my favorite Cardinals player) and Jose Martinez sat down five rows in front of us. They were very accommodating with fans who wanted pictures, and several other Cardinals were also in attendance. Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina made appearances on the video board, pumping up the crowd. That's solid marketing by the Blues; genius in fact. Just a few more observations...

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