Phase 4 is a new 'Phase 4,' apparently. I'm grateful that high school and junior high sports are back (in limited capacities and with restrictions) and we're inching closer to 'normal,' but the stench of dirty politics reeks pretty heavy right now. How many times can you move goal posts and play politics, Governor Pritzker? Interesting timing, to say the least. We couldn't play youth football, volleyball or basketball in last year's 'Phase 4,' but post-January 20, 2021, we can. Yes, the hatred for Donald Trump was that severe. There are no words Governor, other than shame and disgust.

No matter what is going on with the pandemic, and we're past the 10 month mark at this point, those with common sense know that we cannot live our lives forever on lockdown and with different rules in place. We live with risk, all kinds of risks, every single day. The virus is not the only risk. Kids need to be in school, kids need to have social and athletic opportunities, businesses need to be allowed to operate on an equal playing field and people need to have jobs and viable income opportunities.

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