• We will be having hockey in two weeks! The Blues’ schedule has been announced, though as of this writing, game times are still TBD. Yes, the Blues should not be in the West, but geographically, there was not much the NHL could do, though putting Dallas in the Central and Minny and the Blues out West is a bit odd. 

Because of COVID and the need to limit travel and exposure, I can see the schedule being more like this in future years. If the Blues are scheduled to play two times in Anaheim and/or Los Angeles during a season, why not play them on one trip? I believe it was the Blackhawks’ Jonathan Toews who brought this up months ago, and I admit I never truly understood why it did not happen. Seemed to make too much sense for the NHL, I guess. That being said, the Blues will play the Avalanche three times in a row and then Minny FOUR times in a row in April, which should be fun!

There are concerns about some of the West Coast game times from fans in these parts, which is understandable (though since I am a night owl, those 9:30 p.m. starts won’t bother me as much as the other columnist, who needs his beauty sleep). The Blues apparently volunteered to play West for this season, so I suspect some of those games will be earlier starts, which makes sense especially if there are no fans in attendance.

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