Yes, the Cardinals are in the 'race' for the second wild card spot in the National League. So are several other teams, in fact. That doesn't change the fact that this is just an average team, with a number of issues, and the season was put in crystal clear focus Sunday afternoon in Milwaukee. With a 5-1 lead against the division leader heading into the bottom of the ninth, the game's over, right? Wrong. 

And to pour extra salt on the wound, manager Mike Shildt had to summon former closer Alex Reyes to try and rescue the game. Nope. A walk-off grand slam later, Reyes had suffered his eighth loss of the season. Reyes has also walked 44 batters in 60 innings pitched. Remember the narrative that he was having a season for the ages, he had all those saves in a row and on and on? Well, there's so much more to pitching than the save statistic. So. Much. More. Reyes hasn't been good for a while, and Shildt's reliance on using as many bullpen arms as possible in every game isn't helping matters.

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