• The Illini basketball team is off to a good start, before a game Wednesday night vs. Baylor in Indy after press time. While NC A&T and Chicago State are awful, a talented Ohio Bobcat squad gave the Fighting Underwoods all they could handle Friday. I think Underwood is right, in previous years the Illini would have found a way to lose that game. With Baylor, Duke and Mizzou coming up before the gauntlet of the Big 14 slate, the Illini will be challenged.

• I am having some issues trying to figure out why some games are cancelled because of COVID and others aren’t. Ohio State cancelled their game at Illinois Saturday, one of many over the weekend. The Buckeyes are in danger of not having enough games to qualify for the Big 14 title game after their outbreak, but as of this writing, I have not seen how many actual players were positive and if that put them under the minimum scholarship limit that the Big 14 has required. The Big 14 is not the only conference facing this issue either. Everybody knew that some games would not be played, and I wonder if the minimum scholarship limit (53 I believe) is enough of a reason? I am not proposing a team play with 30-35 players, but shouldn’t all avenues be exhausted to play?

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